Hervey Bay Seafood – Did you know?

by Team

Hervey Bay was founded on seafood. It is blessed with an array of wild caught inshore species that suit a wide range of tastes and budgets.

Well-known species include the humble sea mullet that is high in the “good oils” and a historic mainstay of the fishery to the sand whiting, famed for its pure white flesh and distinctive delicate flavour.

Hard working Hervey Bay commercial fishermen also catch the region’s best kept culinary secret – the diamond scale mullet. Other species include: the local “trumpeter” revered by chefs for its firm flesh and light taste; garfish with their distinctive long fillets and ocean flavour; and the broad barred mackerel, another species that is high in the good oils such as Omega 3. Want to know more about the sustainability of these and other local stocks? They are assessed by teams of scientists as part of the national program called the Status of Australian fish stocks. The good news is that the biomass of stocks of whiting, mullet and a host of other commercially harvested inshore species in Hervey Bay are identified as being harvested at sustainable levels.

Contributed by

Associate Professor Daryl McPhee,
Bond University.