Introducing Wide Bay Wild Catch

by Team

It is with much pride and excitement that we introduce Wide Bay Wild Catch. Much like proud parents, the local seafood producers of this region are now writing their first blog to share this special news with seafood lovers across the world.

So, a little about the Wide Bay Wild Catch seafood story – from the beginning and aspirations for the future.  Wide Bay Wild Catch is about the love of natural local seafood, the people, the places of seafood.

The Wide Bay Wild Catch brand is an initiative of the Hervey Bay Seafood Festival organisers (Hervey Bay Seafood Inc ) and its simple traditional bespoke designed logos captures the clean crisp naturalness of the region and its seafood.

Where is Wide Bay Wild Catch caught and why is it of exceptional quality?

Wide Bay Wild Catch is caught by local professional fishermen from both the ocean and estuaries in the region from Gympie to Bundaberg, known as Wide Bay.  It is a unique area with high cultural values and pristine environment that is protected by World Heritage Listing and Marine Parks and recognised as a Biosphere under UNESCO.

The commercial fisheries produce a magnificent array of fish, prawns, scallops, crabs including world famous heroes such as Hervey Bay Scallops, Sand Whiting and Eastern King Prawns.

Wide Bay Wild Catch – Always Local Seafood – the friendly fish logo is the guide for seafood lovers to identify the storefront, the restaurant. The Wide Bay Wild Catch fishermen too will proudly display a supplier logo to assure consumers that they catch locally.

The seafood supply chain from catcher to the restaurateur have embraced the concept and are eager to take up the branding for that point of difference in the competitive world of hospitality and food tourism.

There are exciting times ahead as Wide Bay Wild Catch grows to become a unique wild catch marketing brand from catch to plate. The next stage of the initiative is the extension to the Wide Bay Seafood Trail.

Over the coming months the story of seafood on the ocean and on the land unfolds with a series of short stories, interviews and of course where to buy and learn more about sustainable wild catch seafood from the regions pristine waters.

To celebrate the launch of Wide Bay Wild Catch, we invite seafood lovers and friends of seafood to come aboard and join for the launch of Wide Bay Wild Catch at the Hervey Bay Seafood Festival on Aug 12. If you can’t make it, the website will soon have more information.